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Citrus Ink tip: always order extra

When ordering your invites always order some extra just in case invites. It can be very expensive to order additional invitations after you have already received your original order. If you are having your guest names printed on your invites, get some invites with an invite line. Keep in mind you might make a mistake writing out guest names, or have  read-more

Citrus Ink Tip: Use Your Invite as a Design Template

Use your invite as inspiration for your wedding style or theme. Vintage, modern, classic, shabby chic, whatever your style, give your guests a taster of what to expect on the day. Here you can see how Lauren had a modern style invitation, and her mint and gold colour theme tied everything together. You can see Lauren and Cian’s full wedding  read-more

Citrus Ink Tip: Create an Exclusive Email Address for RSVPs

A lot of couples no longer want a separate RSVP card, instead opting for a reply via email or phone. If you go with this option, create a simple email address specifically for your replies, to make tracking your replies so much easier.

Citrus Ink Tip: Keep a Set of Stationery for Your Photographer

Keep an extra piece of each of your stationery items and have them with you the morning of your wedding for your photographer to photograph. These pieces can also be kept as a lovely memento of your day.   image credit: michelle bg photography

Citrus Ink Tip: Number your RSVPs

  It often happens, one or more guests will check the ‘accept’ box on an rsvp, but forget to write their names on it. Avoid a major headache figuring out who that might be by discreetly numbering the back of each rsvp in correspondence with your guest list.     image from the peppermint dream suite

Citrus Ink Tip: It’s never too early to look for your stationery

It’s never too early to look for your stationery. Your wedding may seem a long way off, but keep in mind your invites need to be posted 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. Add design and production time, and of course finding a design you love, and the clock starts ticking early.     View the Citrus Ink Wedding Collection now.