Hello, I am Anne, owner of Citrus Ink.

It’s very nerdy I know, but I get ridiculously excited about paper. Paper is something we take for granted, yet it gives us such wonderful things – books, journals, maps… and of course stationery. In today’s technology laden world, paper is often relegated to post-its for telephone messages. This is why, when we get that non-bill envelope though the letterbox, it ignites such excitement.

An invitation can set the tone for an event; it is a sneak peak of what is to come. An invite should evoke a sense of wonder and excitement for your guests, whether it’s for a wedding or a fifth birthday party, a sixteen year old or a ninety year old. (Think of Harry Potter when his invite to Hogwarts arrived).

A piece of humble stationery can become so more than a piece of paper. A hand written note from a groom to his bride on their wedding day. Some thoughtful words from a soon to be granny to her daughter who is becoming a mother for the first time. A simple thank you note to a friend who was there when you needed them.

Stationery is a great way of adding fun to your occasion, from weddings and baby showers, to children’s parties and greeting cards. From invitations to place cards, from baby wishes to part invites, have your stationery stand out!

So, welcome to Citrus Ink.
Take your time; have a look around.
Hopefully you will see something you love.